Illegal immigrants should become legal

Illegal immigrants should become legal

Ethan Bowman, Staff reporter

Immigrants should be legalized because there are immigrants out there that don’t have education, opportunity, and a chance of a new life. There are families that get separated in the process of trying to get to the united states. People get killed just trying to get freedom, liberty, and a chance in life.

Immigration laws are separating families as well as taking away immigrant’s “American Dream,” who’s going to do the labor work immigrants are doing today?

“This was their land that was taken from them. Why shouldn’t they be allowed back in their homeland? Everyone Deserves to have freedom especially in your own land.”

All that immigrants are trying to do is have a better life and we are keeping them from doing that.

These immigrants don’t have any schools to go to and don’t have the liberties that we have.“Put yourself in their feet. How would you like it if you couldn’t do anything? You can’t drive. You can’t get a good job or got to college. It is very depressing. Wouldn’t you like to have a chance. I’m sure I would. Then why shouldn’t we give them a chance? They can help us a lot more than we think. We shouldn’t be selfish

Immigrants are making america’s economic system better.and if you move them away who is going to do the jobs that they do.they make our country  stronger in business.

“Well you might think they are stealing your jobs, but actually immigrants are bringing new jobs in the countries. They are opening new restaurants, gas stations etc. and they don’t come to US with empty hands, they bring money from their country, and the money they earn in US, spend in US.”

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