Jaimie , staff Reporter

Jaimie A.

8th Period


Marijuana should be legalised in all states not just Colorado and Washington State and others.  In my opinion alcohol is more harmful than marijuana, Alcohol is addicting and intoxicating than marijuana is.  Marijuana has not been known to be addicting or has anyone found a death that is caused by it.  About 100,000 people a year die caused by alcohol abuse drinking can cause health problems.  Legalising weed  it can create lot of job opportunities and will bring a lot of money to companies that sale it.

We can all say coffee is addicting right?  Marijuana is known to be less addictive than coffee can be.  According to” THIS IS WHY MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGAL EVERYWHERE” marijuana has a low risk of abuse.  Many people have used weed for things that have helped them for example some people have used marijuana to relieving nausea.  Many people use marijuana for  medical reasons many people who have cancer can use this to help them relieve  their pain.  It can help the people that have a loss of appetite because it relaxes their muscles and relieves chronic pain. If marijuana gets legalised it would be nice because it would help a lot of people and relieve them from their pain.

Yes marijuana is a drug but also are cigarettes and they are much more dangerous than marijuana.  You can smoke marijuana and not get sick or get cancer from smoking it.  If you smoke cigarettes you run a higher chance of getting lung cancer and having to smoke  every five seconds basically.  Many of us don’t think marijuana is bad but some do. Marijuana can actually relieve  you from a lot of pain and can help you relax if you are having a bad day or if you just want to sleep.