You are beautiful

Ranee Williams, Staff Reporter

Beauty shouldn’t matter.  It’s wrong for the media to set a beauty standard for women. In the article Young Girls Explain Why Beauty Standards Are So Impossible they talk about young girls at the ages five years old and up and how they weigh themselves at birthday parties and sucking in their stomachs at the pool when they are wearing swimsuits.

They see themselves as the bad things that people tell them they are instead of seeing themselves as beautiful, pretty, and gorgeous. They start to hate how they look and start wanting to change it to fit the opinions of others when they should be changing for themselves only and not anyone else.

The media are the first people who put in our heads that we are not good enough or pretty enough to be a model or look good . What these little girls see is what the “it” girl should look like they don’t see the changes or editing that is done by those who take these photos or those who pay the photographer. I used to think that the models in the pictures were perfect girls who had no acne, cuts, or bruises on their body but, i started reading articles that talk about how they edit pictures and i thought maybe those of us who aren’t models are not so bad.

We should be able to express our style without worrying about others.Women are constantly bombarded by the media to attain a standard of beauty that is comparable to perfection. This unrealistic standard of beauty is resulting in a number of mental and physical health problems for young girls and women. We shouldn’t have to worry about getting body shamed or anything else just because of the media. We should be able to go outside and know nobody is gonna make a rude comment or make us feel like we are nothing at all.

As a country we need to unite to put a stand against this before something bad happens. As these standards become more prevalent and more persuasive, so do the amount of women and girls with low self worth, eating disorders, and depression. We need to show our friends, family, and  teammates that they don’t have to change for others and that they are beautiful the way they are naturally.

We don’t need plastic surgery, implant and other things to make us beautiful we are beautiful without any of that because if those weren’t around we would all be just fine unless you need it for health. So please believe that you are pretty no matter what others may tell you.