Playing Outside is Good for you

Dillon Carney , Staff photographer

Playing outside is a really good thing. There are health benefits and social benefits. Health is important and needs to be kept up with. Plus kids could also make friends and use their  imagination. Adults also could make new friends and learn new things. Some people have a hard time keeping their health up. Kids should play outside more. There are healthy benefits to it.


Playing outside is fun. Kids can make tons of friends and use their imagination for many things. They can make games up and can play tons of different sports. Adults can play with their kids or run with their friends. There are tons of things to do. People also have another way of being outside: Pokemon go. 9.5 Million daily active people are on it. At least 10% of people are inside a day.

Playing outside is the best way of being healthy. According to Business Insider playing outside improves short term memory, restores mental energy, relieves stress, reduces inflammation, decreases risk of developing poor vision, improves concentration and focus, boosts immune system, improves mental health, and reduces risk of early death.