Military Brats in Middle School


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Despite the misleading name, most military brats are not actually brats, and for those who don’t know what a military brat is, they are kids who have parents who are active duty, or had parents in the military.

These kids normally have moved all over, ranging from moving to a different state, to a different country. Sometimes kids’ parents are deployed for long periods of time, leaving the other parent temporarily single. Sometimes even both parents are deployed at the same time, forcing the kids to stay with friends or other family members.

San Antonio is called Military City for a reason, with the multitudes of military families, retired or active duty. Cisneros’ great grandfather had served in World War 2 and was away from his family for a very long time to serve our country.

Lennon Cisneros, an 8th grader at Dobie Junior High says, “I have moved six times. But, my favorite place I have lived was Corpus Christi, Texas. I had lots of friends and I stayed there for 4 years, which is the longest I’ve lived somewhere.”

The moves are hard on the military kids, every time they move, they leave behind close friends to be thrust into a new school and life once again, starting over time and time again.

“I gain friends very quickly, and it breaks my heart to move so much.” Cisneros says.

Traeh Haynes 8th grader, doesn’t have parents in the Military but her uncle is. “He’s a distant uncle so I don’t see him as often,”she said.

Many non Military children believe being in the military is challenging. “It’s hard they have to go through lots of training and conditioning before deploying,” Haynes said.

Being in the military can be hard not only for you but, the whole family but, we have to make sacrifices to serve the country. The military is more than just the person that’s serving, it includes their whole family too.