Personal view: Video games do not turn people violent

Elijah Person

Let me nip this at the bud, video games don’t make kids violent here’s why. Throughout history video games have gotten additive and more violent than parents began to notice this and started to put a “ban” on video games because they were getting “too violent” and yes some of them are really violent but what do you think kids are gonna do unless the parents tell the kids that this is just a video game and that’s not real and you shouldn’t do it in real life.

This is why parents really should stop blaming video games and the people who play them for being violent it’s sad because these parents like to blame everything for their kids being bad they’re YOUR KIDS don’t you have control over what the watch do and play so why are you blaming the video games that you bought them!

The biggest piece of evidence that I have is the RATING there are many ratings for games and they are C for children, E for everyone, E10 for ages 10 and up, T for teen, M for mature, and A for adults only.

Some parents don’t care what the rating is but, the whole reason they have them is because,they don’t care because they think that it’s okay for their kids to play a game about a man trapped on Mars and has to brutally murder aliens to get back to Earth only to end up in hell to avenge his dead rabbit, Doom is rated M for a reason.

Some of these games are really violent and are really bad for little kids like GTA V now there’s a huge reason for this being rated M and its not a game for kids because some of these things are too graphic but some parents ignore the warnings and give the games to their kids because when you go to the game store the employers warn you that the game may be violent, gory, or even sexual etc. Shouldn’t that shoot off some alarms?

Now what I’m getting at is that these video games aren’t causing people to become violent it’s just an excuse that people who are getting arrested use so they get support from the community its ridiculous.

Some people get away with literal murder because they said that they were motivated by a video game the company that made the game gets in trouble and people go crazy about how violent the games made their kid as if their not YOUR kids you have to control what they are seeing and stop them from being so violent.

Now America when you attack the gaming community for being too violent and support murders just because they say they are motivated by a video game and then they are let loose. Don’t you feel stupid America?