High school course selection for 8th graders a success

Shayreen Thompson, Staff reporter

This the season for students everywhere whom is preparing for high school or colleges but yet students have trouble making goals for themselves.

“It’s a good thing because students can have the knowledge to know about what they wanna be when they are older,” explained Anika Barajas, 8th grader. “Like everyone has those paths to go through like how we are going through right now.”

Even high school students are getting ready for their future and college applications, to receive much more out of their comfort zone in life.

“Honestly it’s a good thing because students or kids can prepare themselves about for life and what they wanna be,” said Shazreen Thompson, 11th grader.

“Like for me I have to go to college soon and right now everything is hard and difficult because high school is physically and mentally preparing you for life outside of your comfort zone.”

Some students are focusing on the modern present day while some are thinking about the future.

“It honestly sucks because I wanna finish this year off with a good note, and I will only worry about it when the time comes,” declared Nayeli Esquilin, 8th grader.

“So we don’t mess up our four year plan because they want us to have a goal to be in the future, and to have an idea of what’s coming towards us,” Esquilin exclaimed.

Everyone has different goals to achieve in life, whether it’s a short-term or long-term goal, every student has potential and patience waiting for them in life.