Dobie dances: making memories for life


Junior high is the time in our lives where we prepare to go off to high school and from there, college. At this point of our lives, we all want to have fun with our friends and make memories that’ll be remembered until the end of our natural born lives.

One way that junior high makes this possible, is by hosting numerous dances throughout the course of the school year. Dances in Junior high are expected to be a fun and crazy place where you can have the time of your life whether it be by yourself, with your friends, or maybe someone closer.

At Dobie, there was a spring dance held on February 10th, 2017, which in the heart of most students, turned out to be a very eventful night.

“I went because my friends were going and the other ones were fun,” said Zoe Clark, an 8th grader, who claims that the dance was a very enjoyable event. “It was fun because my friends were there,” Clark recounts. “We hung out, played around, and danced a little.”

“It wasn’t the worst experience,” stated Samantha Gobert, another 8th grader who attended the dance.  During the night of the dance, a dance-off took place resulting in the injury of a student. “I did try to watch,” Gobert stated as she recounted the event. “The accident kind of freaked me out and I saw two girls crying their eyes out.”

Although there are many students who did attend the dance, there are also many who didn’t attend such as 7th grader Alia Simpson. “I think that if I went, it would’ve been too awkward,” said Simpson. “Mainly I would have talked to my friends and laughed a lot.” Simpson also doesn’t regret her decision of not attending the dance. “If I have a friend who went, they would have told me about it and make me feel as if I was there.”

“I feel they’re boring, awkward, and there’s nothing to do,” said Ethan Lafranco, 7th grader. “If I did go, I probably would have just talked with my friends.”