Exam scores do not reflect student performance

Abby Maynor , Staff Reporter

Most exams taken in school describe how smart we are, or how high or low our reading level is. Some students are treated differently because of low test scores. According to Edweek.org, teachers have explained how testing limits the variety of student learning opportunities.  Exam scores should not reflect a student’s performance because taking exams labels kids into groups, and questions on the test sometimes are not even taught in class.

Testing causes students to stress, which is the explanation for some low grades on exams or standardized tests. Majority of the year is spent getting ready for the big tests at the end of the year, (STAAR for Texas) which has taken out an opportunity for learning cursive and maybe even a language class. Personally testing stresses me out, and usually during taking the test I’m nervous on what my grade will be.

A big thing that matters in life is achievement. Tests do not show the achievement of students, it just shows what you got right and got wrong. How to pay bills, how to buy a home, and how to be a leader; those are things we should be taught, not how to pass the upcoming test. It’s as if they’re trying to set us up for failure. Instead of learning how to do things that are very important in adulthood, were being taught the square root of 6.