Personal view: all students should be in P.E. or Athletics

Personal view: all students should be in P.E. or Athletics

Isabella Huskanovic, Staff Reporter

Some parents are complaining that their child is not getting enough physical activity, or better know as P.E. They believe that kids are getting overweight and they’re not getting the daily exercise they need each day.

Whether it’s their health or weight, should all students really be required to participate in P.E. or Athletics?

I believe that students should take at least 1 year of P.E or Athletics. After researching several sites, 3 out of 3 agree that ALL kids should participate a physical activity class.

According to this website  “Research shows many parents don’t realize their children are overweight,” Gavin says. “And the average U.S. kid or teen spends more time in front of a computer, TV, cell phone, and video game screen each week than in school.

Daily PE classes that get kids moving and health classes that explain how to choose nutritious foods and appropriate portion sizes can help kids make healthier choices. I think this is 100% true.

Kids need to know how to get their daily exercise, but still have fun at the same time. This is why exercising at school is better, you don’t only exercise but you still have fun and interact with others.

Not only does it help you maintain your body, it helps you be more social and learn not to be embarrassed at what other’s think of you, because in the end, it’s your body and you should care for it.

Don’t listen to what other’s think of you, be yourself, and maintain a healthy life! So, do you think all students should be required to participate in P.E or athletics?