Valentine’s Day

Isabella Huskanovic, Staff Reporter


    Valentine’s day is know as a day to spend time with your loved ones, and to cherish by receiving/giving gifts by others. Valentine’s day started way back in a Roman Festival that took place in Lupercalia. The celebration was traditionally held on February 15 and dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture and the harvest. Although, years later from where it all started, it’s still a holiday that everyone still celebrates.

  Here at Dobie Jr. High School, it is no different. Students pass friends gifts to one another, showing how grateful and happy they are to be their friends/boyfriend or girlfriend. Left to right, there are people holding boxes of chocolates to even 5 feet teddy bears! Although people like to cherish their friends, some people are feeling left out due to them not getting gifts from anyone.

  Abigail Maynor, 7th grade student here at Dobie Jr. High School.  “I honestly love Valentine’s day but I would’ve really liked if my Valentine was my crush so I could finally have a Valentine for once,” Maynor chuckled. “One of my friends gave me candy and the other friend gave my fundip, not much but I’m grateful that they still thought about getting me something,” Maynor added.

  It’s not only about getting your boyfriend/girlfriend or friends something, but most other people actually get their parents stuff! Many said that they feel like they need to show their loved ones how loved they should feel. “My parents went out to eat, but I stayed home with my sister, who’s 29, and her husband.” She happily said.

  Valentine’s is all about love, happiness and cherishing. So when next Valentine Day comes, make sure to show your loved ones how much you really love and appreciate them!