Love Is In The Air

Nia McPherson, and Kaitlyn Henderson

It’s February, so love is in the air. February 14th was Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day originated in 1853 from an ancient festival of Lupercalia, a raucous, wine-fueled fertility rite in which Roman men and women paired off. Lupercalia was celebrated for centuries in the middle of February and eventually, as the Roman Empire became less pagan and more Christian, was transformed into a celebration honoring St. Valentine.

“Valentine’s Day is a big celebration when you have somebody to share it with,” Nia Mack, 8th grader said. “The best gift I’ve ever received was a huge teddy bear,” Mack said. “My favorite part of the day is eating a lot of food and buying my friends and family anything they want,” Mack said. “It’s not exactly lovey-dovey with my family, but it’s still fun with both my family and friends,” Mack said.

“I like watching people getting gifts because it makes me happy because that’s how my boyfriend will treat me in the future,” Lavonya Lakey, 8th grader said. “I love to get people their favorite candy,” Lakey says. “If I had a boyfriend it would be an important celebration,” says Lakey, “I like it because of my mom as well.” “I enjoyed Valentine’s Day. When i walked home there were balloons everywhere, but they were for my sister,” Lakey said.

“I think that Valentine’s Day with family, it’s more formal. With friends, it’s more relaxed and fun,” Nia Richardson, 8th grader said. “I like to get candy, stuffed animals, and cards for my friends,” Richardson said. “My favorite gift was a large teddy bear from my dad,” Richardson said. Richardson would rather have a fun holiday instead of being formal with a couple.

As some people like to say: Chocolate, teddy bears, and hearts galore, Valentine’s Day sure is a bore.