Students Should Know More About Tech Apps Class

Andrew G, Staff Reporter

Many kids at Dobie have not thought about taking the Tech Apps class. “ I like being able to work and play on the computers everyday.” said Zak Freeman, 8th grader. He said this class is one of his favorite. Every day of the week, students get to use computers and learn internet safety, using Word or Excel, and making games with Kodu in Mr. Patel’s class or Mrs. Behnsch’s class.


Students in this class have an advantage than other students, almost never writing with paper and pencil. “I expected to do more paperwork than everything on the computer.” said Freeman. In this class, students only use paper and pencil to write down notes for an open-note tests. Everything else is on the computer.


Tech Apps also helps student with their future, with the growth of internet use and technology. “I will be able to stay safe online and to do other things like paying bills with Excel.” said Freeman. Life skills and internet safety is the most taught subject in Tech Apps class. Being a good person is also a life skill that is taught.