Student gets injury on the dance floor

McKenzie Prothero and Elisa Paradez

What’s the best way to dislocate your knee? Dancing, of course!

The Valentine’s dance with the theme of Hollywood was held Friday February 2. The night started off with people huddled in clusters, not many people were dancing at first, but only a half hour later the dance floor filled with dancing peers.

While dancing to Lip Gloss by Lil Momma, a crowd began to swarm. That’s when the accident of the night that led to tears and countless recounts, happened. Jacob Coppage 7th grader, dislocated his knee while dancing.

“At first everyone thought he was joking, but then we all realized that he was serious –he was hurt,” said Madison Cook, 7th grader. “Then, everyone got in a circle around him and then his parents and the ambulance were called. I was kind of shocked. I was like, ‘Woah!'”

“I was like, ‘Settle down, I’m not dead!’” Coppage recalled saying to the students who were crying when the incident happened.

Coppage played football this year. He had dislocated his knee during the season and weakened it, making it easier to injure it again.

A few students quickly left the dance, traumatized by the accident. The students were left in tears as they were getting in contact with parents or friends for a ride home.

Only a few minutes later, the ambulance showed up. They got Coppage onto the stretcher and carried him out. Despite being in pain, Coppage was showing that he was fine as he was being carried out.

Despite the traumatic event, students soon went back to dancing, talking and having fun.

“I didn’t let that ruin my night,” said Cook.

The next day and for days after, Coppage’s accident was the talk of the school. Students who went to the dance did not miss the chance to fill in their friends on what went down the night of the dance.

Now Coppage is doing fine. He is wearing a brace on his knee and waiting for it to heal.