Why Are Dreams Such A Mystery

Alexis Garcia, Staff reporter

Dreams have always been a mystery. You lay there for 7 to 10 hours for 1/3 of your life where you’re in this whole different reality where you can think and do whatever you want without getting in trouble. That’s what so unique about dreams but where do they come from? Can you control them? Why do we have them? That’s what’s so mysterious about dreams.

Lucid dreams are quite an interesting thing. You become aware that you’re dreaming and you get to control them you could fly, meet anyone that you want, go anywhere you want like France or Hawaii, But it’s hard to have a lucid dream. There’s a ton of steps to it like keeping a dream journal, getting yourself familiar with your surroundings so you can know when you’re dreaming or not like looking at your palms and asking yourself “Am I dreaming?” at least 20 times a day.

I would consider yourself lucky if you’re able to get yourself to have a lucid dream, “I have lucid dreamed before and it was scary. I was in a maze then i walked into the theatre that was in High School musical then I went out the exit door and got on the back of the train. We were going into a cave before the train turned around by itself and said not yet. It had a thomas the train face on it and this time when the train went through the cave I hid under the seat and that’s when I woke up,” Said M’Kenzie Daniels, 8th Grade. There are the downsides of lucid dreaming though. Sure the dreams are amazing but there’s also a chance you can get nightmares. Nightmares in lucid dreams aren’t just like regular nightmares they feel like they’re real. Like its actually happening in person which can sometimes scar people and make them stay up instead of falling asleep which could cause Insomnia and so much worse.

Dreams are a totally different story. You can’t control regular dreams they happen on their own and they usually include old or recent memories and people don’t usually remember most of their dreams because when they wake up they disappear,”As much as 95 percent of all dreams are quickly forgotten shortly after waking,” Claimed Verywell.com, into thin air as soon as we wake up.about they can take place anywhere like the ocean or space, anywhere really. But where do dreams come from?,”Some researchers believe dreams have no function. Others believe that they serve to process intense emotions, or that they facilitate consolidation of emotional memories. Still others believe that they protect sleep via hallucinatory fulfillment of a libidinal wish. And some believe that dreams simulate daytime threats so that we become better at avoiding them,” Said Psychology today. But those are just theories because no one truly knows where they come from.

Those are just the basics. There’s so much more to read and learn about because since no one really knows where dreams come from there’s a ton of compelling theories and facts from doctors but no one knows. So I guess dreams really are a mystery.