La La Land Isn’t As Cheesy As It Sounds

The official movie poster for la la land.


The official movie poster for la la land.

La La Land is a movie that came out a while a go, but it’s up for a lot of golden globe awards, and the movie is awesome. Despite the name (sounding so cheesy you can smell it) the movie was amazing and awesome. 7th grader Olivia Thomas said “Before I saw it I thought it would be cheesy, but it was really enjoyable and it made me laugh at some points”.

It has a wonderful cast including Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, and the plot and songs were very good. “One of the main reasons I went was because of the actors, and I liked all the songs. It would be hard to pick a favorite”, said Olivia.  

Even though we haven’t heard her sing, Emma Stone has a beautiful voice. She has her own song in the movie and plays and aspiring actress named Mia. She does a duet with Ryan Gosling who plays Sebastian a jazz loving piano player who is down on his luck, and can also sing good.

Even it’s a love story the movie is very realistic. The two main characters do fall in love, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have problems. Mia keeps trying out for show after show, but she can’t seem to get any parts. Sebastian wants to open his own jazz club, but he is down on his money, and he needs some fast.  
All in all the movie was amazing, realistic, and not cheesy at all. “I’m not sure everyone will love it, but most people will”, said Olivia. Amazing actors, funny moments, catchy songs, this movie is amazing and awesome.