Social media here to stay

Bethany Castillo and Mallory Urbina

It’s no big surprise that social media is a really big thing in today’s society. Almost everyone has a phone, iPod, or computer and they want to use them to stay connected. Social media offers a chance to do that.

According to statistics, 1.96 billion people have social media currently in 2017. Social media can be a negative thing, but sometimes can be positive for many reasons.

The top five most used social media apps are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. Facebook gets a whopping 1,790,000,000 total visitors every month!

“I use social media as often as I can, at home and school for lots of hours!” said Alyssa Melendez, 8th grader.

The most important reason is that is keeps people united through long distances. People may have relatives in a different state or country and may not get them very often.

By the power of social media, people can communicate with one another. Social media bring friends and family closer together and will keep them bonded of very long distances.

Another reason is that people use social media to keep up with news. Social media has all different types of media sources to inform social media users about recent events. By having important news going around so quickly it lets all different people from around the world stay informed about what’s happening in the world.

The last reason is that it helps businesses help advertise their business. It helps many individuals start business and be successful by advertising, music, stores, events, to get people attracted to what is being advertised.  

Overall, social media is sometimes negative, but the positive reasons will balance it out. The amount of social media users will only grow.