Principal: Dobie prepared for a real lockdown

Anthony Kerr, Paul Gonzalez, and Elijah Person, Staff Reporters

Is our school truly 100% ready for a real lockdown? Students and staff have different opinions.

Mrs. Harper, 8th Grade art teacher, said she feels that lockdowns prepare students and faculty and help ensure safety. “Yes, I do think our protocol is safe our doors are locked which makes it hard for intruders to get in. I would react calmly and just stay away from the door,” she said.

Mrs. Harper said she 100% trusts the teachers and police to do their jobs, as they are well trained for lockdown situations.

Alyssa Melendez, 8th grader, doesn’t agree. “I would not feel safe because sometimes the people in my class are very childish and make noise during lockdowns,” she said.

Dobie Jr. High’s school district, SCUCISD, schools are required to have lockdown drills once every 9 weeks just in case of a real lockdown, according to the SCUCISD website.

During lock downs, teachers are required to cover door windows so intruders cannot see in classrooms. Teachers tell students to hide in the classroom and remain silent until the drill is over. After the drill, Vice Prinicpal Mr. Jackson or another administrator gets on the intercom and says, “Dobie Cougars, all clear” to end the drill.

Mr. Simmons, Dobie Principal, said that he knows that the school would be as safe as possible during a real lock down in case of an intruder.

Some districts now allow their teachers to have guns in their desks and purses, but SCUCISD does not.  “I don’t think that guns around students mix; it creates a whole new problem because a student might get into a teacher’s personal space and get the gun.”