Students share thoughts about Valentine’s Day

Emma Wendt, Rhyan Thompson, and Brianna Barnes

February 14th is the day of the year when chocolates and flowers are given and love is in the air, but what do students at Dobie Jr High think about it.

When you walk around the halls at Dobie everyone has big teddy bears, flowers, and candy to give to their friends and favorite teachers for Valentine’s day, but what do these gifts mean to them. Some may think it’s a way to show your love for someone while others think it’s a day to have fun.

Most Students at Dobie feel very happy on Valentine’s Day, like 7th grader Kaitlynn Dority. “ I feel very loved and excited on Valentine’s day. It’s fun to get spoiled from my family and friends all day with teddy bears and candy,” said Dority.

Students at Dobie always wake up on Valentine’s day hoping for that one special present from that one special person, for 7th grader Feleicia Cortazar her dream gift is a puppy German Shepherd.

For Dority, her dream gift would be a 6 foot teddy bear because it’s adorable and cozy. Other Dobie students aren’t so fond of the “holiday”. 8th Grader Olivia Smith says, “I think it’s kind of stupid, and if you love somebody, you should be able to show it any day of the week, and not just one day.”

Though she may not like the holiday, she still gets things for her friends. “I usually hand make my presents, because it’s a lot of fun to make the present too,” says Smith.

Most students at Dobie give gifts but what do they get, Dority got Chocolate from her friends and a heart necklace from her boyfriend. Another student Cortazar got candy and teddy bears from her friends.

What’s Dobie’s favorite part about Valentine’s day? “My favorite part about Valentine’s every year is waking up and my mom having big strawberry pancakes warm and ready,” said Cortazar.

“My favorite part about Valentine’s day is getting spoiled with gifts from my friends and family,” said Dority.

So even though not everybody has the same opinion on Valentine’s Day, Dobie students can always find a way to enjoy even a little part of the day.