Id policy at Dobie Junior High

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Id policy at Dobie

By:Michael Martinez

For a while now,the students of Dobie Jr High have been wearing Ids (identification).

Every single student that comes to this school every day must always wear it before entering

The school.To most students the policy is not a big deal,but to others it’s annoying.

It bothers them because if they forget it by accident,they get in trouble.

“They are to extreme on it and it doesn’t make sense because teacher don’t wear’ there’s,says Kara poesy.”It sucks and it can die in a hole.”said Lourdes Segura.

Many people agree that the Id policy is dumb and shouldn’t be a thing.

It isn’t fair to them and does not make a good point as a policy.

I as well agree that the policy is useless and dumb.

It should be removed as a policy because it just doesn’t make any sense.