Donald Trump’s Wall is what America Needs.

Anthony Kerr, Staff Reporter

There is no way that Trump’s wall can hurt us. In fact, it is doing more than you think. Trump’s wall is going to help America drastically.

The wall is so badly needed. It will help us by stopping illegal immigrants, and help Mexico by stopping South Americans from going through Mexico to come to America. People think the idea of the wall is ‘racist’. It’s really not, because we aren’t targeting a race, we are just tired of illegal immigrants coming into our country and selling drugs, stealing our jobs, and then sending the money back to Mexico. If any country was doing that, any smart person would realize that some kind of border like in this case the wall is necessary.

Trump has even thought of the idea of getting Mexico to pay for the wall, or split the cost. People think that’s ridiculous, but in reality it really isn’t. Think of how much money that they have practically stolen from us. Plus, the wall is probably helping Mexico more than us, by keeping South American immigrants from going through Mexico, because their whole goal is to come to America. Mexico is just in between. This is another area of discussion that often confuses people. They think that all of the immigrants are from Mexico. This is WRONG! Most of the immigrants are actually from South American countries where there is communism, or economic troubles. Don’t let the mainstream media change the opinion, because they are all against Trump, except for Fox News. But even they don’t give all of the facts.

The mainstream media, specifically CNN and NBC, make it seem like the wall is a crazy idea and could never be done, and that it would be putting our economy in a ditch because of the cost. This is also wrong. Mexico would be paying for some, or all of the wall. Yes, in the first year or two, we might have lost some money, but think about in 10-15 years. For that time period, we will not have illegal immigrants coming in and stealing our money by taking our jobs and selling drugs. The media also makes it seem like immigrants would still try to come in, and would succeed. They are right about them trying to still come in, but the wall won’t be the only border security. In addition to the wall, there will still be border patrol along the wall making sure that nobody sneaks in. The point of the wall isn’t to make us quick money, but to gradually grow the economy in the aftermath.