In-N-Out vs. Whataburger- It’s Obvious Who Wins.

In-N-Out vs. Whataburger- It’s Obvious Who Wins.

Haley Plutzer, Staff Reporter

In-N-Out, being a popular fast-food restaurant in California, has recently moved its location to Texas. But now, it has some competition with Whataburger. The discussion about which restaurant is better, has become popular between the two. So how can people prove their opinions?  It’s simple. In-N-Out is overall better in taste, quality, and price compared to Whataburger.

Compared to Whataburger, In-N-Out’s fresh ingredients automatically win. Whataburger’s burgers contain reduced iron, and eating enough could harm you.  Even if there isn’t a huge selection when it comes to sauces, Whataburger can’t beat the taste and quality when it comes to In-N-Out’s top secret sauce.  My experience when eating at Whataburger is that they always forget something. Lettuce, ketchup, cheese, they always forget it!

The difference between the staff is that In-N-Out’s workers are a lot more friendlier. “Overall, the In-N-Out burger wins for its secret sauce, fresher ingredients, and unbeatable price.” ($3.60, compared to $6.94 at Whataburger).” (Quote from:

“While the California chain offers a starting wage of $10.50 per hour, Whataburger employees usually start at minimum wage with opportunities to move up.” (Quote from:

If I were to ever work at a fast-food restaurant, I’d instantly work for In-N-Out. It’s always busy, and the starting wage is $10.50 per hour.  If you enjoy your job, then it’s not hard to work harder, because you want to keep your job, obviously!

“They ask if you want to make your order “Animal style.” Sounds exotic. They have special, top secret sauce, the staff are always friendly, unlike locations in other states, every restaurant in Texas has sweet tea, we’re special, and pricing is reasonable. It’s from California, dude.” (Quote from: