Track and field season about to begin

This photo helps to show just how many events you can choose from in Track and Field.

This photo helps to show just how many events you can choose from in Track and Field.

Tracy Berumen

As many students at Dobie may know, Track and Field season is coming up. Around the school there are fliers taped in every hallway.

According to an athletics flyer, anyone interested in trying out for Track and Field will need to go to a meeting in the breezeway on February 21 at 7:45 a.m. All students trying out will need to have a physical on file.

The track part of track and field may not be for everyone.

“The first thing that I think of when I hear Track and Field is sprints,”says 8th grader, Brooklyn Moore.

Track is all about running.

Track events include: 100m, 200m, 400m sprints. The 400m is a full lap around the track, but there are longer distances for the long distance runners that wish to try out. For long distance, there is the 2400m run, 1600m run, and the 800m run.

There is also the 100 and 300m  length hurdles. These are for students that are good at running the distances of sprinters, and that can jump over hurdles. The Track events also include a relay races for both male and females. The length of the relay races are 4×100, 4×200,and 4×1600.  

“Track is not overlooked at all, but Field is. I didn’t realize that there was field events last year. People don’t realize that they can do so many things than just running,”says Zoe Clark,8th grader. Many students when they hear Track and Field  automatically think of running, but Track and Field has way more to give than just that. You also have the field events.

Field events are mainly jumping and throwing events. For starters, there is long jump. In this event, you run on a small strip of track until you reach a white line. Then from the white line you have to jump as far as you can into a sand pit. The person who jumps the furthest wins.

With long jump, you also have the choice of triple jump. Triple jump is similar to long jump but you jump sooner than you would for long jump.  You start in a sprint and then jump on one leg twice as far as you can. You then jump off  the other leg into the sand pit as far as you can go. Just like long jump, the winner is decided by the longest length of the jump.  

If you can’t jump long in length but you can jump high, then high jump may be for you. In this event you start with a sprint towards a mat. You then have to jump over a bar onto the mat. Each time you jump over the bar, it will be raised higher and higher. The winner is the person who jumps the highest.  

Now if you just don’t like jumping high or long, there are more field events to chose from like shot put and discus.In shot put, you throw a heavy spherically object as  far as you can. The winner is decided by who throws the farthest. Discus is the same concept, but you throw a heavy disc, called a discus.  

Last but not least, you have pole vaulting. In pole vaulting, you use a long pole to jump over a bar. As you pass each bar height, the bar will continue to be raised. There is a mat that will catch you when you fall back down from the jump. The winner is decided by who vaults the highest. 

Those are the many events that Track and Field at Dobie offers. Tryouts will begin on March 1. For anyone that is interested in trying out, a physical will be required to tryout. Now that you know that there are so many choices, you should be able to go to tryouts with a knowledge of events offered.