My Church Retreat


Ethan LaFranco, staff reporter

Last weekend I went to a middle school church retreat with my sister and her church. Because she is a teen she was a group leader with four of her other high school friends. At first I was skeptical but I thought might as well try it. When I got there I immediately felt like I could make friends very easily because they were all so nice.

We did so many fun things while there like Tye dye bandannas, sing worship, as well as group time where we talked about God, community and joy. During breaks when we would wait for lunch or dinner to be made we would have free time where you can do whatever you felt like. Personally every time I played football with all the other guys and it was so much fun every time. Sometimes to mix it up we would play ping pong next to the picnic tables.

All of the food was amazing, one day we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, tacos for lunch and burgers for dinner. One of the nights a bahama bucks truck came to the campsite and we all got free snow cones from a family member of one of the girls who attended the camp.

On the last day of the camp there was a very serious thing where we did confession. On a piece of paper we wrote down our confession and then if we wanted to we could share with our group. With all of the fun that we had over the weekend this was one part that was very serious and meant a lot to people.

Emmalee Prince has to been to a church retreat in alto frio, Texas and says “I really loved the outside worship center that we sang at every day.” Prince says that “I love to get closer to God because it makes feel better when i’m down and in general it makes me feel better knowing that i’m close to him.” Prince says “I like an equal mix of fun things and religious things when I go because i’m there to hang out with friends but also worship God”. Dillion Carney says “it sounds really fun to hang out with all of your friends while learning about God.” Carney says “God always knows the best for you and he loves you so much and will never hate or dislike you.”