Smoking CAN Affect Your Health

How long can you live if you are a smoker?

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How long can you live if you are a smoker?

Aeris Gee, Staff Reporter

Smoking is terrible for this generation. Smoking can cause so many health problems for so many people who inhale or actually smoke. There are adults who have children that smoke, which means that their kids inhale the smell of smoke or the smoke for the cigarette. This can cause children to get health issues caused by their parents. I hate smoking with a passion because so many people waste their money they could be using to buy something that won’t be harmful to them. My parents they smoke,I have told them to stop and they said that they would stop but they continue to smoke anyways.  Smoking can terribly affect your health and can cause others to also have issues.

Smoking harms other people than yourself. Smoking can cause countless diseases like lung cancer, mouth cancer, some cases of leukemia, and other many diseases to people who you smoke around including yourself. Due to smoking many people die because of the diseases they caught because of the nicotine or the carbon monoxide in the cigarette. There are many harmful chemicals in a cigarette, for example there is tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, acetone, and many other harmful chemicals. According to Medical News Today, “90% of male lung cancer patients develop their disease because of smoking.”

So many people in the United States smoke. According to ShareCare about 1.1 billion people smoke and over 480,000 people have died from smoking. An experience I had with a smoker is when my grandfather who smoked had a heart attack. My grandfather had a heart attack because of all the chemicals in the cigarettes, but luckily my grandfather survived the heart attack. Many other members of my family smoke for example, my parents, my uncles, my aunts, and my grandmother. No matter how hard my sister and I tell them that smoking can kill, yet they continue to smoke and increase their chances of getting a harmful disease.