What Does Valentines Day Mean?

What Does Valentines Day Mean?

Ginea Chambers, Videographer



                                                   Valentine’s Day


“Valentine’s day means spending time with loved ones, and having a good time with the people you love”, Tyshe Tyson 8 Grader.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, it’s a day of love and also a day to show appreciation to your loved ones. Some people normally don’t celebrate it, it’s not considered an actual holiday  but it’s just something to do.


You get gifts from anyone like family, friends, or a significant other.


“A great valentines day idea is going out to eat or exchanging cards with a really big group of people”, Serena DelToro 8 grader.


“Ever year on valentine’s day my dad brings me a really huge gift, and he takes me out to eat along with my mom”, Tatianna Kilgore 8 grader.


Here at Dobie Jr. High, there were a huge amount of gifts everywhere because the14th is usually during the week, and everyone brings gifts to school. The administrators didn’t really like that, they thought it would have became “distraction” so the kids had to put the gifts in the office until the end of the day.There were large bears, cards, candy, balloons.. anything you can think of.