Being A nurse

Being A nurse

Opinion thesis:Why do nurses matter?


Source name: Nursing takes time

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Quote #1 from your research: The job of a nurse is to provide holistic care, educate patients, offer emotional support, prevent illness, promote health, deliver medication and aid in the cure of illness and injury.


Opinion thesis: Knowing what nurses do.


Quote #1 from your research: What nurses help people do.

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Nurses also advocate for their patients to help ensure that every individual gets appropriate care. Registered nurses not only make a day-to-day difference in your well-being and the well-being of your neighbors, friends and family, but they also promote public health and design innovative ways to enhance the health of people around the world.


Quote #2 from your research:How much is a starting salary for a nurses in 2016-2017.


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Nurses starting salaries are much higher than in other industries due to the current shortage of qualified staff, particularly registered nurses (RNs). The national median nurse starting salary is projected at $66,640 during 2016-2017, with overall employment in the field expected to rise 16% within the next decade. Nurse Practitioners have the highest of all employees in the field ($95,350-95,820). The current RN starting salary is $15,000 more than that of an LPN.


Quote #3 from your research:What are the working hours for a nurse?


Source website URL: Full-time employees on hospital nursing units typically work either three 12-hour shifts weekly (the days may or may not be consecutive), or in five eight-hour shifts. Round-the-clock coverage means many nurses must work weekends and holidays, usually on a rotating basis.


By:Isabel Monk