Students Eating In Class


Diamond Jenkins, Staff Reporter

How many of you, as students, have taken out a small snack or something to eat in class? We’ve all done it at least once or twice. The teachers will even sit at their desk and take out something to munch on. The truth is, students should be allowed to eat in class.

So, let’s put this into perspective. You get up and eat breakfast and then go to school. If you had a light breakfast you are already hungry by third period. Like a blogger from Our Everyday Life said, “If they eat breakfast early in the morning, they may not make it to lunchtime without dragging and getting tired.”

You won’t be able to focus. When you get hungry the only thing you can think about is food. Studies show that different foods can be used to help you concentrate, these foods are usually caused brain foods. A writer from The Mirador expressed this perfectly; “Food is brainpower and is a necessity in order to pay attention in class and to learn,” Sommar Veverka, staff Writer on The Mirador.

Overall I think it is good idea to let students eat in class. Instead of trying to sneak a snack and not getting any work done, they can concentrate more on the work. Students grades would improve. Food is brainpower!