Tatianna Kilgore, staff reporter

     Blondes aren’t dumb and the stereotype must be stopped.

People say that blondes are dumb and that is far from true. Blondes are actually really smart, and the stereotype that they are dumb must be stopped.

I feel like blonds are very intelligent because some of them actually have high IQ scores, “ women with natural blonde hair actually had a slightly higher average IQ score(10.2) than those with brown hair (102.7), red hair(101.2) or back hair(100.5), but the difference was not statistically significant”

“Blonds could hold their own intellectually with those of any other hair color.” this is true because it is proven that blondes have higher IQ scores than most other hair colors. I feel like they can act like they are dumb but in reality they aren’t.

“ in a new study, researchers found that women with blonde hair actually have slightly higher IQs than the rest of the population.”