A Weekend With My Bestfriend

Ginea Chambers, Videographer

    A Weekend Well Spent With My Bestfriend


On February 10-13, I spent with my best friend Nia Mack.


On friday, the 10th, we went to the carnival/rodeo. It was really fun but animals aren’t really in our interest so we didn’t participate in those activities, the rides were really fun and we saw a lot of our well known friends there. I enjoyed it, so did she. I love carnival food, it’s very different and we’ll be going again this friday on the 17th.

On saturday, the 12th, she had a volleyball tournament to attend, but she’s currently hurt. She couldn’t play but we had to go anyways, her mom is the coach. Watching the volleyball game was very interesting and intense. They won one game, and lost the other two.


“We needed you Nia”, is what the team said to her. She’s a good player, and she hustles for the ball.


On sunday, the 13th we went to church, the morning service it was 8:00-9:30. After that we went to McDonalds. Once that was over we went back home and took a nap because the whole weekend we literally stayed up all night.. Imagine staying up until 6 and having to wake right back up again at 7:00. It’s very exhausting, but we woke up from our nap and then we went to her volleyball practice.


It may not seem like we did a lot but in between all of these hours we honestly had so much fun, and i’m with her 24/7 so whatever we do it’s always a good time. On Valentine’s Day we’re having a “bff date” at a place called orange leaf, they sell frozen yogurt. You should go in the summertime because that’s the best time to go.