Phones at school

Aletse Aguirre, Staff Reporter

Usually when you get into school you have to put up your phone or else they take it up and you have to pay for it. What if we were allowed on our phones all day at school we could take it out whenever we want.

Most people use their phones for contacting people and looking up things very quick but we’re talking about Jr., high students here. Most of the students here at Dobie usually listen to music and play games or on Instagram, Snapchat,, twitter etc. “I mostly listen to music’’ says 8th grader Isabel Monk.

Here at Dobie we are only allowed to use are phones during lunch which is 30 minutes long, and sometimes we are able to use them in the classroom for educational purpose or just to listen to music. What if we were able to use are phones everyday though? Would students use that for a way to help them with school work and other educational purposes or take advantage of it and do whatever they want. Students would love this opportunity but what would the teachers think of this “It depends on the student many students are addicted to their phones and get distracted by them ”says Mrs.P.J. a journalism teacher at Dobie Junior High, “Majority are” says Mrs.Luna one of the Spanish teachers at Dobie. Most of the teachers think that the students would take advantage of the opportunity and eventually lose it.

Some of the most popular apps that most students have are Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram is a app that you post pictures on and another way to text people, Snapchat is a app that has filters that go on your face to make it funny or cute like the dog face and you post the picture and you chose how long people can see it and goes away after 24 hours.

With apps like this you have to be careful of what you post. That’s why sometimes teachers will talk about how it’s dangerous and you have to be safe and think of what you say and post.Mrs. Luna says, “Young students should not be on Snapchat because they might use it inappropriately and someone can screenshot it and use it against you”

Most teachers think some students are responsible but others think the exact opposite. Maybe if we could show how they can trust us and show them that we know what we’re doing. We might be able to get what we want.