Corpus Christi Classic volleyball tournament

Corpus Christi Classic volleyball tournament

Tatianna Kilgore, staff reporter

                   Corpus Christi Classic volleyball tournament

On February 10-13 2017, my volleyball team played in a national volleyball tournament.

We placed 2nd in the whole thing, my position is a libero. Also referred to as “ the girl in the different colored jersey”


There were nine courts in the building, the building was near the beach and very sunny. There were two official referees at each court, our first day we were at court number 4.


We had to be there at 7:00am because we played at 8:00am. We played a team called tx fierce. They were from Houston tx. We lost to them in 3 sets by only 2 points. But we won every game after that.


The food there was very expensive, a bottle of water was about four dollars. My mom always takes out 100 dollars cash or every tournament I play in just in case something like that happens.


My really good friend aja came with me to watch me play. “ it was an amazing experience and I enjoy watching volleyball very much” said aja dawn.



The gym was very loud, you heard whistles blowing almost every 5 seconds it was crazy. But it was an amazing experience that doesn’t happen often.
Our ending record was 8-1 for that weekend, “ i had an amazing time and want to do it more often” said Williams.