Halloween Costumes As many of you know, Halloween is a very fun day for most people. Halloween is used as a scare, you dress up as whatever you you’d like to be. Costumes are a disguise of who you really are; you dress up as literally anything. Most people decide to be some sort of “scary” character. You go around from door-to-door saying “trick or treat”, that’s the part when you get your candy! The most popular “scare” costumes are clowns, that’s only because most people are scared of clowns. Clowns were used for a good reason but then they turned into something scary. The little girls usually wear princess costumes, or some sort of cute insect. The boys wear superheroes, or a famous fighter, or character.   “People dress up on Halloween for fun, or at least that’s what I personally think, I don’t think there’s really a specific reason for it”, said Curtis. There are many reasons behind it. “I’m going to be ketchup because my dog King is going to be a hot dog”, said KIlgore happily. So as you can see, many pets are often dressed up as something also. So, Halloween is just a fun night for most people around the world. A lot of kids say they’re going to be something “scary”, but also a lot of people in 8th and up say they aren’t going trick-or-treating; they’re going to some party, or only handing out candy to other kids. People wear silly costumes,like bananas, apples, peanut butter or jelly. Once you hit 6th grade you normally don’t care about costumes, you care about candy. That’s most of our Dobie kids..