Halloween plans not dampened by Monday date

Serena Del Toro, Staff Reporter

Some are disappointed that Halloween ended up on a Monday this year, but most are planning to enjoy the holiday as much as they can.

“I think it’s pretty dumb. I wish we didn’t have school on Halloween, I want to stay off and enjoy it,” said Tyshe Tyson, 8th grader. “It sucks cause it’s on a school night,” said Ginea Chambers, 8th grader.

Ginea Chambers said she is going to a friend’s house where she will spend her time with three close friends. Tyshe Tyson is hosting a party with family and friends. About 30 people are attending her get together.

Decorations are being put up in every neighborhood in sight. Whether there is multiple decorations or few, it sure is a sight to see. Although most people do mainly keep their decorations outside, the Tyson family keeps a wide majority inside their home.

Due to the clown scare situation, many parents are concerned with their child’s safety during the evening. “My parents think it’s not a good idea to go trick-or-treating due to sightings of clowns and I think that’s kind of unfair to me because I was looking forward to the event,” said Catherine Lawson, 8th grader.

Some parents believe that kids should go out and trick-or-treat with or without sightings of clowns, but for 8th grader, Dillon Carney he said otherwise, “I honestly think with the clown sightings it will be much scarier because Halloween is about scaring people and I’m going as a clown,” Carney said.

Unlike some students looking forward to Halloween, others just really despise the fact that you’re going to houses just to get candy, “I hate Halloween so much we don’t need to go to other people’s houses who sell candy what if they give poisoned food, what if they try to kidnap you after all things could happen on such a scary night, or what if you get lost,” Morgan Johnson, 8th grader, angrily replied.

Dressing up for Halloween is said to be one of the best parts about Halloween people can be anyone and anything of their choosing. “My favorite part of Halloween is dressing up because you can be creative, fun, and it’s always funny or scary to see what other people’s costumes look like,” 8th grader, Lindsey Villarreal said.

For others I’d say otherwise, “Dressing up for Halloween is awesome,” 8th grader, Christian Garza sarcastically replied, “No it’s really not what’s the point anyways back in the olden days do you think dressed up that’s why I’m going as a model so meaning me.” “I’m not dressing up, because I won’t have time,” said Isabel Monk, 8th grader.

“I am staying home and scaring the kids that come to the door,” says Isabel Monk, 8th grader.

Ever seen a student go as their idol and has their idol’s first name? Well for 8th grader Ariana Bermudez, that is the plan. “I’m going as Ariana Grande because I love her so much she’s an actress, singer, dancer and a model she does everything her childhood was very devastating, but now she is a famous celebrity,” Bermudez said.

Going as idols seems to be a fun trend among Dobie students.

“I’m going as Kylie Jenner because she’s really popular, cool, and pretty and plus I’ve met her in person so I just wanted to show some Jenner support,” 8th grader, Daniela Weigold cheerfully said.

Still, a lot of students just want to catch up on school work, sleep in, or just hang out with friends on Halloween. “Honestly I’m just going to sit back and relax and pass out candy, because it’s a school night and I still have a bedtime you know,” said Mackenzie Odom, 8th grader.

For some, Halloween festivities can be too expensive or too much work.

“I don’t really do Halloween that much, ’cause it’s too much work, and I have to buy candy with my money. I have to find a costume and I have to give people candy, um no thanks. I’d rather eat my candy and sleep, so that’s actually what I’m going to do,” said 8th grader Aiden Richards, nodding in disappointment.

Some people prefer festive parties. “I’m not sure whose party I’m going to yet, either Joseph’s or Wyatt’s,” says Ryan Hunt, 8th grader. Ameron Gill, 8th grader, is also going to a party.  “I don’t know whose party I want to go to, but I just know I’m going to a party,” Gill said.