Spirit Days offer way to have fun


Olivia S. and Avery T. dress up for Red Ribbon Week.

Veronica Rojas and Cheryl Stephens

Spirit days at Dobie offer a fun way for students to participate by simply changing their wardrobe. Some include crazy hair day, crazy sock day, boot day and more.

Spirit weeks happen most Fridays and also Red Ribbon Week. They began on Sept. 16 and will end in May.

Some people may like Spirit Days, and some don’t.

“They’re a great way to show spirit and I wish that more students would participate,” said journalism teacher Mrs. P.J.

Some students don’t participate. “I think spirit days are horrible,” said Christian Merillat, 8th grader.

“I don’t do the spirit days,” Isabel Monk, 8th grader, said.

Posters for each week are usually posted in hallways and in the cafeteria.

Some students say they forget or get confused with the days.

Dailey Brite, 8th grader, said the schedule can be confusing. “They are okay. I mean I got confused with last week and I wore the jersey last week,” said Brite.