Student spotlight: Whitey Yepez

Aletse Aguirre, Staff Reporter

Whitley Yepez is a 7th grader. Her birthday is February 24, 2004. She used to live in Corpus Christi, TX when she was younger, but moved to Cibolo, TX in the third grade.

When Yepez was younger, her parents got divorced and she came to live with her mom. Since the divorce, Yepez didn’t get to see her dad as much and whenever he said he was going to pick her up she realized he wouldn’t “Last time I saw him was on my birthday,” said Yepez.

Yepez’ mother Michelle Delagarza and her brother Angelo Yepez don’t get along often and always fight and sometimes gets physical.

“I cry when they fight because my brother he’s a teenager and he gets moody. My mom has high blood pressure and could have a heart attack and when she gets stressed I get scared because something could happen to her,” she said.

She’s not able to see her big sister Christina (China) as much anymore. “In Corpus my sister always brought me lunch but now that I live here she doesn’t do that anymore,” said Yepez.

One of her most favorite memories with her sister when she told her that she was pregnant at a restaurant called Jaliscos.

One of her favorite toys from her childhood is a stuffed bear named “Chubby” that she got from Great Wolf Lodge when her sister took her.

Yepez likes to sleep on the weekends as soon as she gets home from school. Her sister is one of the people that she loves the most in the world she makes lots of memories with her older sister and wishes she could see her more.

Her favorite food is a Mexican dish called atole and the American dish chicken fried steak. She likes to watch shows that show drama and action like Gossip Girl, Once Upon A Time, and 100.

She likes all the seasons but prefers them in a different order “summer, winter, fall, and spring” says Yepez.

She likes to listen to any type of music but one of her favorite artistes is Young Thug “He just gives me energy,” Yepez said.

She has lots of friends and gets along with most people but her best friends Celine V., Christiane L., and Isabella M. are the ones she bonds and hangs out with the most. She’s known them for a while she’s known Celine since 6th and Christine and Isabella since 4th grade.

One of Yepez’s best memories is when she had a sleepover and watched movies, ate candy, and played random games.

She loves everything and everyone she is one of the most kindest and sweetest person in the world she cares for you even if it’s not a big deal.