Trick or Treating

Aletse Aguirre, Staff Reporter

Most Dobie Jr. High students are looking forward for Halloween this year to hang out with friends or go to parties but what about trick or treating? Most kids think they’re too old to trick or treat but what about getting free candy and dressing up going with friends and family.

Some of the kids this year are going trick or treating like Karissa Corro,8h grader “ I want free candy!” she says. While others like Morgan Wilson a 8th grader says “no I’m not going to I’m going to a friends party instead.” Most kids in Dobie are going to say home and pass out candy because it’s a school night.

Most people love getting free candy and trade candy with other people but should everyone eat the candy given out by strangers? “I don’t know… because it could be open you don’t know or they could have spit in it or put drugs” says Corro,8th grader.

”Yes every single one because you can’t trust strangers” say Ms.Johnson which is Mrs.Hecox teacher assistant. Most people don’t trust the candy people give to their kids because you don’t know what could be in it. ” In recent years, there have been reports of people with twisted minds putting razor blades and poison in taffy apples and Halloween candy” says Even Ann on Most of the comments on trusting the candy have came out so far as not trusting it and checking the every single one.