Personal view: girls and boys basketball different


Shelvy Curtis

Shelvy Curtis, Staff Reporter

Dobie Jr High girls 8th grade basketball started around November 25th 2016 and the boys 8th grade basketball team started around the 30th of November 2016. The boys and girls teams do hustle hard. The teams have more than their season dates and hustle in common, but they are more different than the same.

I am on the 8th grade girl’s A team.

Our season records were similar. The 8th grade A team boys record was 6 wins and 2 losses. Our 8th grade A team girls record was 7 wins and 1 loss. The 8th grade boys B team and girls record was 3 losses and 5 wins.

Other players see differences between the boys and girls teams.  “Our boys basketball team is very different from us girls because we have to always encourage non stop we have to hustle every where and if we don’t we have sprints especially for me because I have to fill every position so it’s harder to do everything right without getting confused,” said Kameryn Castro, 8th grader.

Some of the girls feel like they out hustle the boys and the boys feel like they out hustle the girls, but it’s common for boys and girls to think that.

“As a guard I feel like all our guards put together out hustle the girls because our coaches are more strict this basketball season then how they were football season,” said Akhwari Smith,8th grader.

Aaliyah Ellis, 8th grader said one difference is in hustle and aggressiveness.

“We all know who hustles more and that’s the girls because we are more aggressive, but the boys are too rough but roughness is not compared to aggression and aggression is hustle,” said Ellis.

Another big difference between the girls and boys basketball team are the other opponents because depending on who they play is how much harder they have to work.

“Our last game against Spring Branch was a breeze. We had to work hard,but not as hard like we are about to win a championship game she played with our subs a lot meaning she just played people who aren’t with their normal rotations,” Ellis said.

When the boys played Spring branch the B team had a lot to say. 8th grade point guard, Jalen Allen stated, “I felt like when it comes to our opponents that we have to face the harder challenges because boys this year have gotten better. I think it’s because they are working hard to earn a spot in high school, so our opponents work harder but we have to start working just as hard.”

Eventually during the season, teams lose players due to injuries, but mainly the girls suffered losses. I was injured when someone stepped on my ankle. The girl’s team also lost B team post player Madison Gonzales known as Milo; she hurt her knee. But we were both able to return to play before the end of the season. 

The boys are always showing a lot of intensity during games mainly because they are expected to. “Us boys are way more cautious than the girls because we actually don’t show that much intensity like we are suppose to so that’s really a big difference,” Smith said.