Dobie shares what they like most about the Christmas season

Emma Baker and Heather McCreary

Christmas is the one time of the year that everyone loves, and the time where people go all out. Surprisingly, Christmas wasn’t declared an official holiday in the United States until June 26, 1870! There is always something special for everyone at Christmas. Dobie students explained the reasons why they love the Christmas holiday season so much.

In fact, most everyone has a favorite thing about the Christmas holiday season. Some may like the decorations, festivity, cookies, Santa Claus, or the presents! “I like food because it’s delicious,”said Maddie.“I like opening gifts,” said Brody Vela, 7th grader. Vela said he also loves having hot chocolate.

A big part of Christmas has always been the decorations which always gets a lot of hype. Apparently, Christmas trees have been sold in the U.S. since 1850! Vela said that he decorates his house with candy canes, stockings, Christmas trees, gingerbread cookies, and lights.

“I do Christmas lights,” said Maddie. You must have seen at least 1 house in your neighborhood with lights on it right meany colors fill the streets as people get ready for the holidays.

Christmas can also mean a variety of things to different people. “It’s a time to unite with my family,” said Abby Maynor, 7th grader.  “To be together with my family,” said Christian Merrilat, 8th grader.

“To give to people,” said Vela.

Did you know that Christmas isn’t just about presents it’s about spending time with family. Not all families are able to celebrate Christmas for either religious reasons or just don’t have the money.

When it’s Christmas break not all people spend it relaxing in fact people go to spend it with family. People spend tons of money on plane tickets to see family for such a short time but it’s worth it to get to spend the happiest time of year with the people you love.