Spotlight: Lindsey Villarreal

Emma Baker, Staff reporter

Lindsey Abigail Villarreal, 8th grader is a very happy independent girl that likes to prove her points. She lives with her mom dad and little brother Troy who she said it’s quite annoying but she still loves him just as much.

Most of her time she spends in her room on her phone “unless”as her tone got quieter: “My dad is home he works in an oil industry so he travels a lot because of it,” she said.                              

As a young child Villarreal’s father was always working and she was very sad all she wanted was to see her father so when she did see him she was overjoyed.

Villarreal has lived in Texas her whole life but just because she hasn’t moved doesn’t mean her dad has. Villarreal’s father wasn’t even able to make it to her birthday as a young child which made the matter even worse.She did not want to complain because she know that her dad was working so they can live so she wanted to see him that’s all.

Even though this huge conflict Villarreal is still as cheerful as ever.Singing and dancing has took her mind off of the whole DAD matter and dreams to be a triple threat.but other then her not wanting to complain because of her dad she said “I’m not like other people I complain A LOT”but she has an exception for her dad.

Villarreal is now 13 years old in 8th grade at Dobie JH School she has many friends but when it comes to them she has a bit of trust issues but that does not stop her from doing what she pleases.

School is not the best to Villarreal she said, “When its school time KILL ME but during the weekend….yay!”  Despite this, Villarreal is great at school. One time she got first commended on BOTH her STAAR tests. This is a good thing but she has an outside when it comes to school.

Back at home Villarreal spends her time you guessed it up in her room on her phone she says she’s happy but she’s also a very tired girl probably because of school having to wake up early is the worst “not a morning person” as she starts to giggle.

Personality is complicated with Villarreal she herself doesn’t know if she’s a tomboy or girly girl even though her favorite color is pink “I wear pink a lot and I wear white to” she also likes sandals and jeans.

Ballet is important to her as stated before she has been doing it since she was a little girl and she grew a liking to it and very strong bond she still goes to classes today. “My mom got me into dance because before I didn’t really do much and so far I have been to many dance studios around Texas,” she said.                                                                                     

Fancy taste is Villareal’s favorite. “I love lobster” her tone got a bit louder so of course she loves Red Lobster and she starts to whine, “now I’m really hungry.”

Not only fancy taste for food but for fun she likes the big guns every kids dream Disney world that’s right the super expensive theme park where cartoons come to life “I don’t think its expensive?” Villarreal said.

Texas is where Villarreal lived her whole life  but it seems that she had to go somewhere else for Disney? “I’m very picky when it comes to food and fun I don’t know why but just one bite of lobster and it blew my mind,” she laughed.