Christmas Season

Aletse Aguirre, Staff Reporter

Christmas songs playing on the radio, stores having holiday deals and people already wrapping gifts. It’s the time of the year again…Christmas!

There are different kinds of people who feel about Christmas but most people are excited and ready like Zaysha Contreras, 8th grader “I’m excited for the food and presents and spending time with my family” she says. Christmas is the time of the year to get with friends and family and spend time with each other to celebrate baby Jesus birthday.


Food, gifts, family, friends, etc. there’s lots of things to do on Christmas some people celebrate it differently like Contreras and Isabel Monk, 8th grader “I sit and watch my family open presents” says Contreras “I stuff my face that’s all really” says Monk.

Food is one of the things that make Christmas well… Christmas. Lots of people cook and eat different things what are some of the things that most people like? Contreras and Monk have said that ham is their favorite food on Christmas and Morgan Wilson, 8th grader says she likes the chicken.

Most of the kids at Frank Dobie Jr. High have had a couple of favorite Christmases over the years of the holiday season.” Two years ago I had a lot of family come over from Mexico for Christmas and it was good to see them all” says Monk. “On Christmas eve was when my uncle got out of jail after four hard years” says Contreras. Lots of people have had memories they will never forget like their favorite Christmas.

Do people believe a big guy with a red suit comes down the chimney and gives you presents if you’re good and coal if your bad while his flying reindeers wait outside on the roof? Most of the kids at school don’t really believe this folk tale anymore as they got older and realized it. “No its fake I never believed it” says Contreras “no that’s for little kids” says Monk. “I don’t believe it but I like to think he’s real just for the fun of it” says Wilson.

Christmas comes in many different forms of celebration, it’s the time of year where you can be thankful for everything you have and stuff your mouth at the same time.