Girls Soccer season is near

Shelvy Curtis, Staff Reporter

KICK! SCORE! BLOCK! Soccer season is coming up! Many girls have looked forward to this year’s upcoming soccer team. It’s the first year Dobie Junior High has a soccer team. A lot of girls are looking forward to this year’s season it’s going to be epic.

“I want to tryout for this soccer season because I haven’t played in a while, but I think it’s time for me to get back to soccer,”said Leondra Ovalle,8th grader.

Some girls stayed with soccer and haven’t stopped playing since. “I’ve been playing soccer since forever and I hope it will be my career and I want to be a professional,”said Kacie Eickenhorst, 8th grader.

Many girls enjoy soccer because it’s fun for instance, “I love soccer because it’s super fun to do,”Dylan Thomas, 8th grader, said. “I enjoy soccer as well because it’s a fun sport to do and to stay in shape,” said Daniela Weilgold.

On the other hand some girls do soccer for other reasons. “Soccer is my passion and I love it because I get to run a lot,make goals, and be on a team with my friends,” 8th grader Mya King happily replied.”I love soccer because I’ve been doing it for a long time and my friends are on my team,” said 8th grader, Simone Sposar.

There’s always something good about doing a sport or your favorite part/ thing about doing it. “I like running, but for track I just don’t like running,”Ovalle stated.

“My favorite part about soccer is scoring the winning point because I always feel like I came so far to accomplish being on a team because before I wasn’t that skilled,”Thomas stated.

Sooner or later tryouts will be starting and not only will there be 8th graders on the team there will also be 7th graders as well. “I feel like having 7th graders on 1 team will be just like a normal team because on my team, Lonestar, I have people in a lower grade than me and they are good,” Eickenhorst said. “I feel like the 7th graders will be annoying because some girls just don’t know how to act these days then again 8th graders as well, but we are talking about 7th graders on 1 soccer team with the 8th graders,”King said.

 The coaches are expecting big things from the girls this soccer season. “The coaches expect us to out hustle our competition they think we have and to try to make goals to win,”Weilgold said. “I expect the girls to do what they are told and I want the 7th graders to try and do their best to take 8th graders spots on the team so that the 8th graders will have a reason to work,” Coach Adame, 8th grade math teacher and coach, said.

It’s important to some girls to some girls that they get a spot on the team because they feel like soccer is a part of them and they just need that part of them filled to be on the team that’s why they have been working the hardest so they might have a chance at being on the team.