Halloween is festive and fun

Emma Baker, Heather McCreary, and Bailey H

Halloween is the scariest time of the year where kids go around and collect candy. Some go to the haunted houses or Halloween events. Some people like to go to church because they don’t celebrate for religious reasons. Then some don’t do anything at all, they just sit at home and do nothing.

Candy is a big part of the Halloween tradition. Of course some don’t like candy and or can’t eat it because of their braces or other reasons.”I can’t eat any candy because of my braces which makes me feel left out” says an anonymous source.  Most kids spend the entire night collecting candy then eat it all in the morning and end up with a sugar rush. Others get their candy taken away from them and have to wait for an appropriate time to eat all of it.

When it comes down to the day of Halloween, students have different things to look forward to. more than half — fifty seven out of a hundred look forward to candy.What do you need to get candy well if you don’t know you need to dress up! Little kids walk around in costumes of monsters heck you can wear a pin that says this is my Halloween costume and you’re OK. One student wrote on the survey said, “I go to Charleston park and pretend to have heart attacks, also hide behind bushes and scare three year olds.”

What is Halloween without the good old pumpkin on the doorstep? It’s not! That’s why this generation’s results are pretty sad with a turnout of only six students wanting to see decorations on Halloween.This fact does not stop people from decorating to the limit. People buy robots of zombies tomb stones and spend thousands of dollars on decorations.Spirit Halloween is a huge Halloween store where they sell costumes decorations and props like lights that are super expensive! $40 for one costume!

Two thousand years ago was when Halloween was created so why not celebrate it! Think about it we have been celebrating it that long so we should put our spirit into it. So get you costume and go have some fun. Happy Halloween!