7th grade girls basketball shooting for undefeated

Tonight’s game against New Braunfels will end season


Kimani Cain, Jayden Hicks, and Sydney Berkley

This Thursday’s game against New Braunfels will determine weather the 7th grade basketball girls will be undefeated. “I’m confident that we will win because we have beat New Braunfels before and every game no matter who we play we still have confidence in ourselves,” said Sidney Love, 7th grader.

On Thursday, January 26, the Lady Cougars pulled out the win against Boerne in their biggest competition with a score of 54-34.

“One of the toughest games we have ever faced was against Boerne another undefeated team. All season we were looking forward to face them because we were both undefeated,” said Sydney Love.

Kennedy Freeman, a 7th grader who is on A team, is sad about this season coming to an end.

“Playing against many teams help me improve myself as a better person and a better basketball player,” Freeman said.

The final game won’t only be about winning, it will be about having fun and being part of a team.

Spirit has been shown all season long. Cheers come from the crowds or players themselves.

On Thursday night, the Lady Cougars won against the New Braunfels Unicorns. At the end of the games, the Lady Cougars celebrate in the middle of the court, singing “We Fight,” their motivation chant.

“What I will miss about this basketball season is all the cheers we did watching the B Team,”said Love.