Music Is The Healer of All Moods

This is the band Coldplay

This is the band Coldplay

Kayla Reisner, Staff Reporter

This is the Rolling Stones.

The website How Music Affects our Mood says, “Research has focused on the joy upbeat music can bring.” This isn’t just talking about uplifting Taylor Swift songs or Katy Perry on the radio. This can also mean the music that you play. Many people find happiness in joyous music, therefore: the component of happiness is music.

Going back to How Music Affects our Mood, they also said, “A 2013 study in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that people who listened to upbeat music could improve their moods and boost their happiness in just two weeks.”

Some studies go against that, saying that uplifting music isn’t the only type of music that helps your mood. How Does Music Influence Your Mood? says, “When people are sad or have suffered a personal loss, sad music can be soothing and helpful, because people identify with the tone and lyrics of the music. Likewise, people under a lot of stress or experiencing frustrating circumstances can benefit from listening to angry music. While angry music might not help you if you’re in a normal mood, its aggressive tone can be beneficial when dealing with stressful, frustrating circumstances.”

Music always influences moods for the better. Angry music will help calm your anger or stress, whereas happy music will help lift your sad mood.

Music is a natural mood booster.  How Music Can Influence (And Change) Your Mood Positively And Negatively says, “In just two weeks of listening to more positive music, people can successfully improve their moods/emotions and boost overall happiness.”

Finding a good song to listen to for each mood you have is one of the best ways to cope with moods. Rock bands, such as Of Mice & Men or The Rolling Stones can help with angry moods and pop bands, such as Fall Out Boy or Coldplay, can help lift your sad mood. All and all, music is the best.