School dances are a waste of time


Everyone’s been to a school dance once or twice in their lives. Some people enjoy them. They can be a lot of fun sometimes. Those people who enjoy the dances enjoy being around friends that they don’t get to see that much out of school or in school. So school dances would be a great place to catch up with those friends. Yeah there’s snacks, music, friends, and a bunch of other stuff but who really wants to be at school anymore then they have to already. That’s why school dances are a waste of time and cause more stress on students.

First of all dances just make you stay at school longer than you need to. Kids have to be in school for 7 hours for 5 days of the week why would anyone want to come back 2 hours later to sit in a smelly gym or cafeteria? The decorations are pretty mediocre they don’t really pay much attention to them. I mean staying home eating snacks and watching Netflix seems way more fun and enjoyable to me then staying at school for 3 more hours then you need to. Plus it’s a Friday. The start of the weekend where you relax and doing your own thing. Yet people still want to go to the school dances, “I’d rather be anywhere than at school for longer than I have to be. The dance is right after school and I’ll have been there since 7:45 a.m. I’ll just want to go home after school because I’m tired and hungry. I also have homework and I can’t have my game time until that’s all done, so just let me go home,” Lori Garcia wrote. This just shows that kids don’t really want to go to dances.
Second thing is you have to dress up for the dances. You have to fix your hair and put makeup on along with buying the new outfit and having someone to go with. It’s all too much to do just for a dance that’s only 3 hours long, “ I’m not going to my prom. It is really just a bunch of traditions and the other kids putting pressure on you to go. In 30 years the only thing I’m going to remember is that I had on a hideous dress,” Wrote Dances are just a huge waste of time. And what stresses kids out is figuring out who to go with and if they don’t have someone to go with like a friend or date kids feel left out and like they aren’t special enough. Lastly is the place the dance happens. Not only do you have to spend 3 more hours at school, you have to spend those 3 hours in a smelt gym or cafeteria,”School dances are dark, loud, hot, sweaty, and icky smelling. So not only can’t you see your friends, you can’t hear them, you’re dripping sweat, and and everyone around you smells like sweat. Lovely. Also, it’s at school. How much fun can you have in a gym where you were previously forced to run laps and throw balls while enduring the mocking of your peers?,” Wrote Sparklife. That’s why dances are a huge waste of everyone’s time and they stress out students.