February dance memorable event


Kaitlynn Dority, Staff reporter

On Friday, February 10 at 6 pm, Dobie’s student council hosted its second school dance.

The hours went by fast as Dobie students tried to make the night memorable. Everyone was dancing and having a fun time with whoever they came with.

Overall the dance was a fun, but a dramatic experience for some students. Middle school is full of a lot of those kind of experiences so it didn’t come to a surprise to most.

As the night began, lots of students started showing up with their friends and dates. “No, I didn’t have a date,” said Savannah Nunez, 7th grader.

Everyone looked amazing in their dresses and nice shirts. “I wore jeans, a top, and some flats,” said Nunez.

At the dance, students were allowed to buy items from the concession stand. They were also able to make song requests. “ The music was stuff I get lit to every other Friday night so it didn’t bother me,” said Nunez.

The music was what most students enjoy listening to, so they were encouraged to get on the dance floor and dance.

But like any other middle school experience, drama started to pop up. Some students were crying after the unfortunate event of a fellow football player getting hurt on the dance floor, and others had different reasons. More and more drama started to appear as the night went on.

“Yes, I was involved in some drama,” Nunez said “So I stepped on the towel and everyone got mad, so the football team chased me around the cafeteria. I started to cry in the bathroom and had a panic attack. Then the teachers got involved, and I had to explain everything to Mr. Jackson,”she said.

Students had negative and positive opinions on the dance and how everything was. “The dance was OK,” Nunez said. “I would have changed how the teachers put the towel on the floor.”