The School System is Killing Creativity

Nayeli Esquilin, Staff reporter

When students receive a worksheet or learn a certain lesson, many think, “How will this help me in MY future?”

Many kids’ll say they hate school, but do they really hate school itself?

Or do they hate what they are learning? Is school killing creativity for those who want to express it? Are schools turning students from free thinking kids into robots so they can fit the “norms” of society?

Studies show the U.S. is currently ranked #26 on global education charts since 2012, with other countries topping the ranks.

Many would think the “Land of the free and Home of the brave” would at least be in the top ten.

Is it that we’re focusing more on athletics and competition, instead of teamwork and academics?

“I think the school system is broken because we don’t learn anything thing that will help us in our future,” M’kenzie Daniels, 8th grader, said. “I like how to pay bills, file taxes, how to cook, find a job and to prepare for an interview.”

Axel Reyes, 8th grader, agrees with Daniels, “ Yeah, it sucks & what we’re learning is sometimes boring,” Reyes said. “I feel like they teach us to be a plain person and not letting us express ourselves.”

“The creativity only shines in certain classes, but it’s not enough for students who have different levels of interests,” M’kenzie said.

“And it’s not entirely the schools fault,” Daniels said. “It’s the school board’s fault and none of them are teachers & some haven’t stepped foot in a classroom since they’ve actually been in school themselves and THEY’RE planning OUR education out.”

When will the board and faculty realize that this way of learning may have worked a 100 years ago, but not with new changes in society and students personal lives?

It seems if students want to change something about the way they learned growing up, it’s going to be a long time from now.