The Bold Background on Cheryl Stevens

The Bold Background on Cheryl Stevens

By: Dailey Brite               

Cheryl Stephens, 8th grader is friendly and independent. “My brothers don’t know how to leave me alone so I start yelling,” said Stephens. “Me and my brothers were adopted at a very young age.” She claims she was told pictures of her past childhood and that there are some things she can still remember. “I remember sitting on the judge’s lap and I was looking at the crowd.”

Stephens is in school and feels she does well in her classes. “In Math, I just like to be in the class since my teacher helps me alot, and she makes the class fun,” said Stephens, 8th grader. She even mentions her opinions about Science. “I like Science, because it’s usually hands on. Last year was fun, because we got to dissect frogs.” Stephens states that she doesn’t like Language Arts as much as Science and Math. “We read a lot, it’s so boring. I almost fell asleep.” exclaimed Stephens.

She was asked what she would want to work as in the future. “I would probably work as an administrator for school, because I get along with kids and people. I really think that would fit my personality,” said Stephens.

She gave her opinion on how she feels before and after day. “Before school I feel like I should sleep more and in the evening my mom forces me to do my homework,” said Stephens.

She explained her relationships between her family members and how she connects with them. “Me and my mom don’t get along very well, but me and my dad get along really well. Me and my dad are like social butterflies and I have the same habits as him,” said Stephens. Stephen says more comments about her relationships with her two younger brothers. “I have a six year old brother and he and I get along, but my ten year old brother don’t get along when the six year old is around.”

Stephens has friends at school that she claims to get along with.”We get along very well and I can be myself around them. We can also relate and have matching personalities,” said Stephens.

Memories of Stephen’s childhood still occur in her mind. “I can remember some events that happened before I was adopted. I remember sitting in the judge’s lap speaking to Deeder saying to not put your mouth on the microphone,” said Stephens.

When needing to relax from stress or past events in life, Stephens claims finding peace to be very rare. “Its rare to find peace, because my brothers are very energetic.” Stephens was asked what she does or performs over her weekends. “Sometimes I will just do some gymnastic routines, watch TV, or maybe get on my tablet. Also finishing homework if I have any,” said Stephens.

Stephen’s favorite movie is Suicide Squad and her favorite TV show is The Walking Dead. “My favorite characters in Suicide Squad are Harley Quinn and the Joker. “I like this movie because it has a lot of action and the bad people save the world,” said Stephens.

When Stephens feels like giving up she tries to convince herself to stand tall. “I tell myself to keep going and finish strong,” exclaimed Stephens.