Personal view: Dobie dress code a catastrophe

Personal view: Dobie dress code a catastrophe

Serena Del Toro, Staff reporter

Dobie’s dress code has been the talk of the school. Students aren’t the only ones frustrated and angered by this common school policy. Teachers also get frustrated with dress-coding students all day.

When you think about it, your learning time isn’t the only time that you’re interrupting. Many other student’s opportunities for improvement get held back because of your choice of clothes.

Some students think it’s not an interruption. “When I get stopped for dress code I don’t feel they are disturbing my learning, I think they’re just concerned and want us to be covered,” said Tyshe Tyson, 8th grader.

Some think otherwise, “Yes, I feel like they do disturb my learning opportunities…they could easily wait after school to put tape on my pants instead of interrupting my learning time,” said Lavonya Lakey, 8th grader.

In my opinion, dress code applies to more so girls than boys. I feel like as girls, we are forced to be more concealed with our bodies just because showing a shoulder or knee is considered inappropriate for school. We should not have to cover our knees and shoulders because it’s a distraction.

“We should be able to wear shorts to school because we should be able to wear whatever we wanna wear and treat our bodies as trophies and not hide them,” said Tyson.

Dress code does help in a positive way though. If dress code wasn’t enforced in school, that people would take it too far and wear Spanx and spaghetti strap tank tops.

Aja Williams, 8th grader added, “If there was no dress code policy, I feel like people would take advantage of it and wear clothes that would offend people.” Yes, dress code does have some positive factors as well as negative factors.

“The hair color policy is fair in a way but also not fair. People shouldn’t be allowed to dye their hair blue or purple…that’s what summer is for,” said Tyson. This rule means that no unnatural hair colors are allowed on the school campus. I can understand it if all your hair is a bright or dark unnatural color but at least let us just dye the tips. “I don’t think this rule is fair because if I wanna dye my hair red I should have the right to do so, this is my body and my decisions,” said Lakey.
Dobie Junior High dress code can be helpful but irrelevant at some points. At least we are able to wear almost whatever we want instead of uniforms.